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Online pc maintenance and Technical Support

From time to time everyone experiences computer problems, it’s inevitable. Unfortunately, they can wreak havoc on you and your computer. That’s where we come in. Online pc maintenance. We’re rescue and repair specialists and every day we resolve hundreds of computer problems for customers just like you.
No matter what operating system you’re using, our technicians are here to help you back on the road to system recovery. So if you’re experiencing poor performance, system freezes, boot-up problems, instability, virus infection or that dreaded blue screen, with us on your team, problem solved! We can also provide the toner you need.

Computer Tune Ups

Revitalize old computers and keep new ones running at peak performance with PC Tune-up. Our experts target the source of your computer slow-downs and fix them. We will remove any and all virus/malware from your computer and get your device running like new. Keeping your computer—including its operating system and all the installed third-party software—up to date is extremely important, but it needn’t be a hassle or inconvenience. Windows Update is great for keeping your OS and Microsoft software updated, but it doesn’t cover all those third-party applications you’ve downloaded. Fortunately FileHippo, the enormous software repository, has a free application that checks your current applications against the FileHippo database for new releases. The tiny system tray app automatically scans your system for installed software, then checks their versions against the latest available versions.

Online pc maintenance rescue and repair

Unlike many so called computer Geeks, that charge high rates or require you to bring your computer to them, our technical service and repair is done remotely. So everything we do can be done quickly, reducing the interruption to you day to day activities that most computer problems cause. So, if you’re experiencing computer problems and need to resolve those problems immediately, why not give us a call? 732-985-5643

WE can also supply quality toner.


As we begin another busy year, where Cyber Crime has been in the news a lot, we are pleased to have been able to provide you with strong security solution ensuring you can focus on your business knowing AVG is always protecting you and your staff in the background.


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